Do These When Experiencing Car Accident

Don’t be panic when you’re experiencing a car accident and just do these 6 steps. Here are the things that you need to do when you’re experiencing a car accident besides call st louis car accident lawyer:

1. Stop and pull over

When you’re experiencing an accident on the road, even though the damage is small, just like a scratch, you still need to stop the car. Try your best to stop near the safe and crowded roadside. However, the area need to be close from the scene of the accident.

2. Give a cue

In order to not disturbing other drivers when you’ve experienced an accident, you can give some clues to other drivers so that they would know that there’s an accident in front of them. When the accident has happened in a dark condition, you can use the flashlight to give the cue.

3. Call the police

If the accident hasn’t claimed any casualty, you can call the police. With the help of the officer, you can solve your problem, while also smoothing the traffic jam due to the accident.

4. Give the detailed information to the police officer

If the police have come, give him or her the detailed information about the location, date, and the hour of the accident completely. Make sure that the other party also gives the accurate information in order to prevent a one-sided loss.

5. Take some pictures of the accident

Use your smartphone or camera (if you brought any) to record the accident scene, it’s including the car condition after the accident happened. This photo or video could help you to research the accident scene and the damage on the car after the accident.

6. Write down the accident details

Write down a small note about the accident immediately. The note should contain the location, date, and hour of the accident. If it’s possible, you can also report the weather and the road condition of the crime scene at that time. Ask the other party for their personal data, record their driver license number, name, address, phone number, and also their license plate.

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